Månen blev givet, så du aldrig ville glemme…

In this world where cravings to see things manifest is at highest value, the energy of the Moon is emerging and has an important lesson for us to remember. Not to learn. But to remember, because we already know.

When I was a child – I lived as a wild child on a farm with nature, animals and my bare feet walking around on the fields and hiding in bushes and trees. I was outside! Also in the night…and I saw the Moon on the sky daily. The Moon talked in familiar tongues, I felt she was singing a light that I could understand but wasn’t able to translate. But one thing I never stopped asking her was: “Why are you here?”. And now in an age of 39 I feel it’s coming through, and I would love to share all I have explored in all these years.

The Moon shows us her different phases in the reflection of the sun. But there is the other side of her, which is unseen. We can not see it with our eyes, but that doesn’t mean we cannot get in contact with it. The Moon remember us that we contain something we can not see. That which we cannot see are the energies of all our ancestors who and which we cannot see. These energies are available in ourselves – we, more correctly, ARE these energies. Our physical body is a vessel for all these hidden and suppressed powers, and the Moon is here to remember us to navigate through life with something else than the sight to get in contact with these hidden powers.

The ocean represent the vessel for the collective unconscious and there has always been a certain fear of entering the unconscious land.

Or maybe it was the church, the society or the religions who placed this fear in our body, so we for many lifetime, have been suppressing that we, every one of us, are a container of these fearfull and dreadful unconsciousness. Some of the heroic, loving, beautiful and strong archetypes are not suppressed, but there is a whole other sea of archetypes, which are connected and interpreted with a lot of tabues like shame, anger, guilt, death, blood and sex. Both groups are represented in our body as a water fluid energy rising and falling.

(Maybe I need to write here about the archetypes and not the time aspect)

But in a life of linear thinking, we can not deal with this. They are hindering the linear thought. And that’s not good, because we have to reach our goal in time.

Working to reach a goal, is waiting to reach the goal. And we have lived in waiting for so long. There are so many fairytales about accepting the conditions and waiting for someone to come and save the maincharater. And these are all an expression of how the writer understands the energies of the world. That everyone is holding their breath, in a devastating longing to see the outcome of this waiting. But that goal we are reaching for this time is neither gonna save us. I remember the feeling as a child, that my parents always worked hard to get to a specific point in their work. But when they got there, there was always a new one arising. As I child I remember that I thought: “I feel sorry for them, because they are never got get their goal”. I really felt that, and I could see that this was a never ending story and they would therefore never get to the point where they could relax, celebrate or feel content. They could feel happy and satisfied when the harvest was done and the winter was coming, but then something new arrived. When I got older and got my own children, I just didn’t get that everyone was working SO hard five days a week. I didn’t understand that they bought all this stuff, houses and cars if they had to work themselves to zombies. I think a lot of us share the feeling of waiting and the longing to come home.

But we don’t have to wait. The great mother has born us into creation and not into time. But we need to take a step back from the line enter inter the middle of the circle and look ALL the way round, because this is what creation is all about. We do not need to wait anymore. Everything is NOW.



and so it is, that all these archetypical energies are like a big ocean in which we need to navigate.

We have seen ancient energy rises. The music produced has a beautiful sound of something we recall.